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Dr. Alina Sharinn

Dr. Sharinn (formerly Dr. Rabinovich) is a board-certified general neurologist, with a subspecialty in Multiple Sclerosis and neuroimmunology, as well as personal interest in dementia care, migraines, and spine disorders.  She is highly regarded by colleagues and patients, and continues to be named in Super Doctors yearly. She is a member of American Academy of Neurology, and maintains her privileges at Lenox Hill Hospital and Maimonides Medical Center.

Dr. Sharinn’s boutique private practice provides state-of-the-art care and advanced treatments in a personalized environment that avoids rushing patients. Dr. Sharinn also provides concierge care to her patients in their homes, and travels between NY and Florida. Her approach to each patient is custom-tailored, while complimented with integrative and holistic therapies. Our office staff is compassionate and caring, and every patient is treated like family.

Dr. Sharinn treats a myriad of neurological disorders. She has a particular interest in the diagnosis and management of central and peripheral autoimmune neurological conditions, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s disease, migraines and other headache syndromes, spine disorders, vascular conditions, vertigo, and peripheral neuropathy. The scope of her practice also includes treating facial pain and other pain syndromes, pituitary gland disorders, ADD/ADHD, concussions, seizures, tremors, gait disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuromuscular conditions, as well as others. Dr. Sharinn specializes in Botox therapy for various neurological ailments, including migraines, muscular pain and spasm, herpetic neuralgia, spasticity caused by Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dystonia, Bruxism/TMJ, Hemifacial spasm (HFS), Blepharospasm, as well as excessive perspiration.

After completing her residency training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in NY and her fellowship in Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis at UMDNJ, Dr. Sharinn enjoyed her career as faculty attending at Maimonides Medical Center, where she focused on neuroimmunology and vascular neurology. She eventually served as the director of Linda Morgante Multiple Sclerosis Center. Dr. Sharinn went on to focus on her private practice where she provides boutique care, as well as does medical-legal consulting.

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